Amethysts are perhaps the best known and best valued minerals in the world. With their light purple to deep violet color, they impress many people. Their captivating colors comes from traces of iron in the quartz. Typically manifesting in hexagonal crystals, amethyst frequently occur in the form of clusters or geodes. But sometimes you can also find them in the shape of a point or obelisk.


Clusters of amethyst crystals form when individual crystals grow together. They grow separately from each other so they can grow in different directions, creating interesting structures. These clusters have become highly sought after for interior decoration, adding a touch of elegance to any space.


Geodes are hollow rocks or stones with a gemstone inside. They are formed under pressure during a volcanic process. The formation of amethysts often begins as quartz which then cools and solidifies. Because it is liquid during the volcanic process, it can crawl through cracks in rock. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, many ascribe metaphysical properties to geodes, believing they can influence the energy in both bodies and homes. It is said that if you place two halves of a geode that were originally joined together in opposite corners of a room, you can establish a harmonious energy field.

Healing power

In the realm of healing, gemstones and minerals hold a significant place. The stones’ atoms all vibrate, as do the atoms in our bodies. Advocates of crystal healing claim that the vibrations of these stones match the vibrations of the atoms of the human body. Metaphysics assumes high vibrations (when the atoms move fast) are linked to the spiritual and positive. In contrast, low vibrations (slow moving atoms) are associated with grounding but also with more negative states of mind, such as depression.

Within chakra philosophy, certain minerals are linked to the chakras (energy centers in the body) and could help activate or open them, allowing energy to flow better. Amethysts are particularly associated with the upper two chakras – the third eye or forehead chakra and the crown chakra. Amethysts are believed to assist in spiritual growth as well as promote trust in intuition and inner wisdom.

Notice the tiny flower-like structure here! Looks like a lotus. The lotus is the symbol for the chakras.


Golden triangle

The combination of transparent quartz (rock crystal), rose quartz and amethyst is known as the “golden triangle.” When placed together, these three minerals are said to enhance each other’s effects. Described as protective and purifying, amethysts are utilized by individuals seeking self-awareness, inner peace, and balance.

The name amethyst

The name “amethyst” itself carries a rich mythological history. Originating from the Greek word “amethystos,” meaning “not drunk,” it is tied to the legend of Dionysus – god of wine and ecstasy – and a woman named Amethyste. This legend tells of Bacchus being angry with humanity and wanting to devour the first person he sees. This was a woman named Amethyste. The goddess Artemis saved Amethyste by transforming her into a crystal, protecting her from Dionysus’ wrath. Dionysus, in an act of remorse, poured wine over the crystal, creating the distinctive purple hue.

Since then, amethyst has been associated with sobriety and protection from drunkenness. People therefore sometimes wear amethyst jewelry or drink from cups containing amethyst.

Amethyst with calcite starburst

Amethysts at Rootz Gallery

At Rootz Gallery, a recent acquisition in January 2024 introduced an assortment of 41 amethyst geodes, varying in size, shape, and crystal composition. All the photos in this article are of our own collection of amethysts. Sourced from Brazil, a prominent region for amethyst deposits, these geodes include not only pure amethyst crystals but also mixed with other minerals like quartz, agate, and calcite starburst. In addition to geodes, amethyst pendants are available. That way you can carry the amethyst with you at all times.


It is essential to note that the vibrant purple color of amethysts may fade when exposed to sunlight, a characteristic to be mindful of when enjoying these captivating gemstones.