A passion for manuscripts

We have a passion for manuscripts! I (Brian Twint, 1/2 of Rootz) started collecting in the early ninetees, I was about 20 years old. It started with a metaldetector (a boys dream)…. but I just couldn’t find the medieval coins I was after. And after days of searching I finally found an 18th century VOC coin aside the path to the mill in the small village I was living in. This was a great find for me at that time but I decided metal detecting was not my thing. It just took too much of my patience, which was actually lacking. I found out the coin was worth not that much and I could find a lot more of them on the internet. This was the time when internet markets were popping up. I always want to know everything about old or strange things so I got into the coins, bought a book about it. A few days reading and I knew enough. Hungry for more old things I found some 18th century Dutch books and manuscripts on the internet. This was a wow(!). So know I could buy an old book and read the things people were actually writing 250 years or so ago. So interesting! This started my collection of antique books and manuscripts. And after all those years I still collect these.