Antique iron coptic church handcross from Ethiopia – 1800’s | Koptisch zegenkruis


Antique coptic handcross from Ethiopia

Period: 1870 / Size: 24 cm x 8 cm / Weight: 100 gr

ROOTZ gallery product code: AFC

Priests wear handcrosses in order to bless the faithful, or in order to be kissed crosses by the faithful. Therefore, handcrosses have to be light and easy to carry. They are generally consist of three parts: from the cross itself, from the shaft and of the base, which is to act a counterbalance to the Cross. Every Ethiopian priest has a handcross (Meskel in Amharic) with which he bless the faithful.The Cross is handcraftet by the lost-wax method, and is a unique piece.

Material: iron


Authentic Coptic church object from Ethiopia.