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Yemen – Torah scroll fragment from the book of Exodus, 1550 on deer parchement


TORAH SCROLL BIBLE / 450+ YRS OLD / Book of Exodus – Yemen.

The piece measures approx. 53 cm x 14 cm

A section of an ancient Manuscript handwritten Torah Scroll in the Original Hebrew Language on Deer Parchment. This hand-written document is made from Deer skin, it is prized for its beauty of its soft deer parchment and its beautiful writing. The parchment holds its ink well and the letters remain black and easy to read. The scroll has a beautiful reddish deep color.. This deep color is due to the process used in making the scroll, this process ages to a deeper red Brown color over the centuries. Torah scrolls like these are extremely rare and seldom seen in synagogues or available due to their age. The Torah Scroll considering its age is well preserved and in good condition and will stay beautiful with care for centuries to come.

This portion is one of a kind with style that was used in Yemen 450+ yrs ago, there are strange hebrew letters and style.
Note that the various letters such as

‘א’ ג’ ז’ ח’ נ’ ן’ פ’ צ

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Authentic ancient Torah / Thora  scroll on parchement.