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Fossil Association in matrix – Keichousaurus hui – 12.5×8.5×1.5 cm


Keichousaurus hui – very well preserved. Nice and fine details.
Very particular specimen with 2 skeletons on 1 stone. The little skeletons are unprocessed. Original guaranteed – no composite. Length skeleton: each about 7 cm

Scientific name: Keichousaurus hui
Origin: China, Xingyi, Guizhou
Geological Period: TRIASSIC-Middle Triassic (237–247.2 million years)
Condition: Good condition
Dimensions: 12.5×8.5×1.5 cm
Weight: 287 g

ROOTZ gallery product code: VE4


We have a rare selection of unique fossils. We import directly from the country of origin and buy on auctions and from old collections.


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