Old Akuaba fertility figure Asante | Prachtige Akwabe uit Ghana


Oude Akwabe uit Ghana, Ashanti

circa 36 cm, 1960’s from the collection of Fofana Sankoung

Old Akuaba from Ghana, Asante

Akua Ba fecundity doll – ASHANTI – Ghana / Very beautiful and fine Ashanti Akuaba doll, in light wood. / 36 cm. /Fertility dolls (Akua-ba) are widespread and very sought for their protective virtues.
They are carried by women, placed on their backs, wrapped in their clothes, before their marriage and during their entire pregnancy.
The doll has to be carried on specific days, it is sometimes placed on the family altar, the expectant mother must also drink potions and bathe or wash herself with infusions. Once the child is born, what happens to the dolls is variable. Some are offered, in gratitude, to the healer who requested its creation. He places them on his altar, an important number reveals his power.

Authentic Tribal art object from Africa.