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Petrified wood, large tree trunk – very detailed – Dipterocarpus spec. – 57×33×20 cm


Very decorative piece of tree trunk with a special feature!
The special thing is that there are a number of crystals in the sharp detailed bark of this tree trunk. See the enlarged pictures.
Beautiful colour and very fine details on this top piece.

This object is the trunk of a petrified tree (fossil wood) from Indonesia.
The bark and shape of the tree are very well preserved. The structure of the bark is still visible after millions of years.

Petrified wood is a stone that can form because trees end up under a thick layer of volcanic ash. The ash contains minerals that dissolve in the groundwater. The wood does not rot and the ground water enters into the tree and the minerals are deposited in the wood cells. Slowly but surely, the minerals take the place of the wood cells. This process happens so slowly that the structure of the wood is preserved perfectly.

Scientific name: Dipterocarpus spec.
Origin: Indonesia
Geological Period: NEOGENE-Miocene, Aquitanian (20.44–23.03 million years)
Condition: Good condition
Dimensions: 57×33×20 cm
Weight: 46 kg

This object can be send with special cargo.

ROOTZ gallery product code: PE2


We have a rare selection of unique fossils and petrified wood. Authenticity guaranteed.

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Gewicht 32 kg


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