Solomon Islands overmodeled skull | Overgemodelleer schedel


Solomon Islands overmodeled ancestor skull – very rare

This is a fine example of the extraordinary art from the Solomon Islands, probably late 19th / early 20th century.
The overmodeling process was a mediary between a primary and secondary burial of the deceased’s remains, further complicated by mourning rituals. The overmodeling process is part of tradition in the South Pacific islands that begins not immediately after death, but after the body has been processed through the village and buried for some time. After the grave is opened, the human skull is cleaned and prepared to receive treatment. The transformation from a literal bone white skeletal canvas back into the fleshy likeness of the deceased is carried out by an artisan.Finally, the finished overmodeled skull is carried through the village in procession.

We guarantee there is human skull inside


Authentic Tribal art object from Africa.


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