Tenere neolithic fire beads | Tenere neolitische vuurkralen met graveringen


Bronze head King OBA – Benin City, Nigeria, ca. 1960

Period: 1960 / Size: 19 cm x 17 cm / Weight: 2,5 kg

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Beautifully stylized bronze head of King Oba from Benin City in Nigeria. Since the 16th century, the Benin have been known for their high-quality bronze sculptures. That tradition still continues. Beautiful head with a refined expression, a lot of depth and a lot of detail in the face but also on the headgear and the border underneath. Aging patina and light traces of use are visible.

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Tenere neolitische vuurkralen. Verzameld door de Tuareg. De kralen bevatten symbolen. 5200-2500 voor Christus.


Tenere neolithic fire beads. Collected by the Tuareg. With engravings. 5200-2500 BC.

Authentic Tribal art object from Africa.