‘Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it.’

The story of the Baobab – Upside Down Story

We love the baobab! We nurse one at home and sometimes we give away seeds or seedlings. We also love the music of Orchestra Baobab, but that might be a coincidence. From a distance the Baobab-tree seems to grow upside down, roots upwards. That’s why we have chosen for the baobab as a logo for our company Rootz. And about the name: minerals and fossils can be found under the ground, under the roots …. and if not, we just want to take you back to the roots…

There are many legends as to why baobab looks like it has been stuck upside down into the ground.

One story goes that God did did not like the baobab growing in his garden, so he plucked it out and threw it out over the wall of Paradise. It fell on earth, landing upside down. Another story goes that when God was planting trees on earth, he asked the animals to help him and gave every animal a tree to plant. The hyena was given the baobab, but was so disgusted by the tree, it planted it in the ground upside down.

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